Types of insulated conductors and cables (see Appendix B)

1) Insulated conductors and cables shall be suitable for the location in which they will be installed with respect to, but not limited to,

a) moisture, if any;
b) temperature;
c) degree of enclosure; and
d) degree of mechanical protection.

2) Where harmful condensed vapours or liquids of either an acid or alkaline nature, or organic solvents such as hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alcohols, or their liquid derivatives, can collect on or come in contact with the insulation, jacket, or covering on conductors or cables, such insulation, jacket, or covering shall be of a type resistant to these substances, or the insulation shall be protected by a sheath of lead or by other material impervious to the corrosive element.

Source: Rule 12-100, CSA C22.1:21, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (25th Edition), Safety Standard for Electrical Installations. © 2021 Canadian Standards Association. Please visit store.csagroup.org