About us

Since the beginning of its conception in 2005 by some contractors in the construction industry, an idea came along to gather information, experience and code related material for a typical home in Ontario. On this site you will find personal notes, referencing to building codes, wiring schematics, electrical and load rating tables and other related construction information.

Any information is gathered into a house category and sometimes to multiple categories as it may impact other sections as well. i.e. Electrical wiring goes through basement, kitchen, bedrooms, etc…

We have at our reach articles from the Ontario building codes and reproduction rights from the CSA pertaining certain electrical codes.

Today with over 25 years of experience in the building industry we try and bring the best of our knowledge of all the information we’ve gathered throughout the years.

Material on this site is from personal experiences and some sources and pictures are from the CMHC and from The Building Code of Ontario which are public and free to use.

This site is for educational purposes only and always bring in the certified professionals for your project.