Bonding continuity for service equipment (see Appendix B)

1) The bonding continuity for service raceways, cable armour, cable sheaths, and all service equipment enclosures containing service conductors, including meter fittings, boxes, or the like, shall be assured by

a) threaded couplings and threaded connections to the conductive enclosures, with joints made up tight where rigid metal conduit is used;

b) couplings and connectors made up tight where electrical metallic tubing is used; and

c) bonding bushings supplemented with a bonding conductor where the connection to the enclosure is made using standard locknuts.

2) Notwithstanding Subrule 1) c), a bonding bushing shall not be required for cable assemblies incorporating an internal bonding conductor in continuous contact with the cable armour, provided that the internal bonding conductor extends from the cable and connects to the service equipment.

Source: Rule 10-604, CSA C22.1:21, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (25th Edition), Safety Standard for Electrical Installations. © 2021 Canadian Standards Association. Please visit