Caulked Lead Drainage Joints

(1)  Every caulked lead drainage joint shall be firmly packed with oakum and tightly caulked with lead to a depth of at least 25 mm.


    (2)  No paint, varnish or other coating shall be applied on the lead until after the joint has been tested.

    (3)  Caulked lead drainage joints shall not be used except for cast iron pipe in a drainage system or venting system, or between such pipe and,

    (a)   other ferrous pipe,

    (b)   brass and copper pipe,

    (c)   a caulking ferrule, or

    (d)   a trap standard.

    (4)  A length of hub and spigot pipe and pipe fittings in a drainage system shall be installed with the hub at the upstream end.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code, Information published by for educational purposes only