Venting Clearances (attic)

(1)  Except as provided in Sentence (2), where venting is provided to a roof joist space, not less than 63 mm of space shall be provided between the top of the insulation and the underside of the roof sheathing.

    (2)  Where venting is provided at the junction of sloped roofs and exterior walls and where preformed baffles are used to contain the insulation, the baffles shall,

    (a)   provide an unobstructed air space between the insulation and the underside of the roof sheathing, that is,

             (i)   not less than 25 mm in dimension, and


            (ii)   of sufficient cross area to meet the attic or roof space venting requirements of Article, and

    (b)   extend vertically not less than 50 mm above the top of the insulation.                (3)  Ceiling insulation shall be installed in a manner that will not restrict a free flow of air through roof vents or through any portion of the attic or roof space.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.