(1)  The minimum total ventilation capacity of the ventilation system required in Clause shall be the sum of the individual room capacities given in Table

Ventilation Capacity

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Ventilation Capacity

Notes to Table

(1) At least one bedroom in each dwelling unit shall be designated as the master bedroom.

(2) Ventilation capacities assigned to any combined living/dining or family/dining space shall be determined as if the spaces were individual rooms.

(3) Where a basement incorporates rooms of the types designated in this Table, the assigned ventilation capacities for each room shall be as specified for those types of rooms. Basement areas used for other purposes that exceed ⅔ of the total basement floor area shall be assigned a fan capacity of 10 L/s.  Those that are less than ⅔ of the total floor area shall be assigned 5 L/s.

(4) Other habitable rooms shall be assigned a ventilation capacity of 5 L/s.  This does not include spaces intended solely for access, egress, storage or service equipment.

Article and Table Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by oncodes.ca for educational purposes only.