Structural Design Requirements and Application Limitations

    (1)  Subject to the application limitations defined elsewhere in this Part, structural members and their connections shall,

    (a)   conform to requirements provided elsewhere in this Part,

    (b)   be designed according to good engineering practice such as provided in the CWC, “Engineering Guide for Wood Frame Construction”, or

    (c)   be designed according to Part 4 using the loads and deflection and vibration limits specified in,

             (i)   this Part, or

            (ii)   Part 4.

    (2)  Where floor framing is designed in accordance with Clause (1)(b) or (c) and where supporting wall framing and fastenings, or footings, are designed according to Clause (1)(a), the specified live load on the floor according to Table shall not exceed 2.4 kPa.

    (3)  Location-specific information for structural design, including snow and wind loads and seismic spectral response accelerations, shall be determined according to MMAH Supplementary Standard SB-1, “Climatic and Seismic Data”.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.