Drainage Tile and Pipe Material Standards

(1)  Drain tile and drain pipe for foundation drainage shall conform to,

    (a)   ASTM C4, “Clay Drain Tile and Perforated Clay Drain Tile”,

    (b)   ASTM C412M, “Concrete Drain Tile (Metric)”,

    (c)   ASTM C444M, “Perforated Concrete Pipe (Metric)”,

    (d)   ASTM C700, “Vitrified Clay Pipe, Extra Strength, Standard Strength and Perforated”,

    (e)   CAN/CSA-B182.1, “Plastic Drain and Sewer Pipe and Pipe Fittings”,

    (f)   CAN/CSA-G401, “Corrugated Steel Pipe Products”, or

    (g)   BNQ 3624-115, “Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings – Flexible Pipes for Drainage – Characteristics and Test Methods”.

    (h)   Revoked: O. Reg. 88/19, s. 236.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by oncodes.ca for educational purposes only.