Ties for Masonry Veneer

(1)  Masonry veneer 70 mm or more in thickness and resting on a bearing support shall be tied to masonry back-up or to wood framing members with straps that are,

    (a)   corrosion-resistant,

    (b)   not less than 0.76 mm thick,

    (c)   not less than 22 mm wide,

    (d)   shaped to provide a key with the mortar, and

    (e)   spaced in accordance with Table

(2)  The straps described in Sentence (1) that are fastened to the wood framing members shall be,

    (a)   bent at a right angle within 6 mm from the fastener, and

    (b)   fastened with corrosion resistant 3.18 mm diam screws or spiral nails having a wood penetration of not less than 30 mm.


    (3)  Masonry veneer individually supported by masonry or wood frame back-up shall be secured to the back-up in conformance with Subsection 4.3.2.

    (4)  The straps described in Sentence (1) may be installed against one of the sheathings listed in Table provided that,

    (a)   the tie is in contact with the exterior surface of the sheathing, and

    (b)   the sheathing beneath the tie is not compressed.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   O. Reg. 332/12: BUILDING CODE (ontario.ca) © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 202