Openings in Loadbearing Flat Insulating Concrete Form Walls

(1)  No openings shall occur within 1.2 m of interior and exterior corners of exterior loadbearing flat insulating concrete form walls.


 (2)  In loadbearing flat insulating concrete form walls, lintels shall be provided over all openings wider than 900 mm.


 (3)  Lintels described in Sentence (2) shall be constructed in accordance with Tables A-17, A-18 or A-19.

 (4)  Lintels described in Sentence (2) over openings wider than 1.2 m shall be reinforced for shear with 10M stirrups at a maximum spacing of half the distance from the bottom reinforcing bar to the top of the lintel.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.