Elements of the Second Plane of Protection

    (1)  The second plane of protection shall consist of a drainage plane with appropriate inner boundary and flashing to dissipate rainwater to the exterior.

    (2)  The inner boundary of the drainage plane shall comply with,

    (a)   Articles to, or

    (b)   Subsection 9.27.13.

    (3)  The protection provided by the second plane of protection shall be maintained,

    (a)   at wall penetrations created by the installation of components and services such as windows, doors, ventilation ducts, piping, wiring and electrical outlets, and

    (b)   at the interface with other wall assemblies.

    (4)  Flashing material and installation shall comply with Articles and

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by oncodes.ca for educational purposes only.

Note : Flashing is thin sheet of material used to prevent water penetration or seepage into a building and to direct the flow of moisture in walls. Flashing is particularly important at junctions such as roof hips and valleys, joints between roofs, dormers, vent pipes, window openings and so on.