Windows and Skylights

Choose windows and skylights to bring in light and fresh air, and to reduce winter heat loss (thereby minimizing heating costs) and summer solar heat gain (to keep cooling costs down).

Manufactured windows are classified according to key performance attributes such as insulating value (thermal conductance or ER value) and their resistance to solar heat gain, water penetration and wind and air leakage.

Windows near the ground must provide resistance to forced entry.

Consider the location, type and mode of operation, and the size of the rough openings required for framing. Some types of windows are easier to open for children and people with disabilities.

Carefully design how windows will be flashed and drained to prevent water from entering the interior space and the adjacent wall assemblies, and how they will be connected to the air barrier system.

Windows are much less thermally efficient than insulated walls. Consider the area, arrangement and placement of windows carefully to balance views, ventilation and appearance with thermal efficiency.

Stepped flashing for skylight

Source : Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)