Appendix B Rule 26-700

Rule 26-700 and Diagrams 1 and 2

The configurations of Diagrams 1 and 2 are all of the grounding type. With two exceptions (5-20RA and 6-20RA), these configurations are identical to those similarly designated in the United States, dimensional details of which are given in ANSI/NEMA WD 6.

The CSA 5-20RA and 6-20RA configurations differ from those in the United States in that they will not accept a 15 A attachment plug of the same voltage rating. Receptacles of the CSA 5-20R and 6-20R configurations are intended to accommodate both 15 A and 20 A rated attachment plugs.

Δ Rules 26-700 8) and 26-704

The term “sink” is intended to include kitchen sinks, bar sinks, laundry sinks, utility room sinks, wash basins, etc., that are connected to a plumbing drain pipe. It is not intended to include portable wash basins.

It is not intended that the 1.5 m dimension be extended through a wall opening that is fitted with a door.


Where a room combines a wash basin or shower/bathing facilities with an area serving another purpose, such as an ensuite bathroom in a bedroom, requirements for receptacles located in such rooms or areas should be considered similar to the requirements for receptacles located in bathrooms and washrooms.

It is also intended that no receptacle be located directly behind any sink unless the distance between the wall and the inside edge of the sink exceeds 450 mm, such as in the case of a diagonal corner sink.


See Figure B26-2.

The requirement for Class A ground fault circuit interrupter protection is not intended to apply to receptacles supplying appliances located behind such appliances as washers, dryers, fridges, ranges, built in microwaves, and other similar appliances, provided that those receptacles, by virtue of their location, are rendered essentially inaccessible for use for other portable appliances.

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