Venting of Laundry-Drying Equipment

(1)  Exhaust ducts or vents connected to laundry-drying equipment shall discharge directly to the outdoors.

    (2)  Exhaust ducts connected to laundry-drying equipment shall be,

    (a)   independent of other exhaust ducts,

    (b)   accessible for cleaning, and

    (c)   constructed of a smooth corrosion-resistant material.

    (3)  Where collective venting of multiple installations of laundry-drying equipment is used, the ventilation system shall,

    (a)   be connected to a common exhaust duct that is vented by one central exhaust fan and incorporates one central lint trap,

    (b)   include an interlock to activate the central exhaust fan when laundry-drying equipment is in use, and

    (c)   where required by Article, be provided with make-up air.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.