Allowable Bearing Pressures

(1)  Footing sizes for shallow foundations shall be,

    (a)   determined in accordance with Section 9.15., or

    (b)   designed in accordance with Section 4.2. using,

             (i)   the maximum allowable bearing pressures in Table, or

            (ii)   allowable bearing pressures determined from subsurface investigation.

(2)  The design procedures described in Section 4.2. are permitted to be used in lieu of the design procedures in this Subsection.

    (3)  The design procedures described in Section 4.2. shall be used where,

    (a)   deep foundations are used,

    (b)   the footing size falls outside the scope of this Section, or

    (c)   the foundation is constructed on peat, filled ground or on sensitive clays as described in Article

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.