Fastening for Sheathing or Subflooring

(1)  Except as required by Sentence (5), fastening of sheathing and subflooring shall conform to Table

(2)  Staples shall not be less than 1.6 mm in diameter or thickness, with not less than a 9.5 mm crown driven with the crown parallel to framing.

(3)  Roofing nails for the attachment of fibreboard or gypsum sheathing shall not be less than 3.2 mm in diameter with a minimum head diameter of 11.1 mm.

(4)  Flooring screws shall not be less than 3.2 mm in diameter.

(5)  Where roof sheathing supports are spaced at more than 406 mm o.c., the maximum spacing of fasteners for roof sheathing shall be 150 mm along edges and intermediate supports.


Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   O. Reg. 332/12: BUILDING CODE ( © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2021.