Scellant Materials

(1)  Sealants shall be,

    (a)   non-hardening types suitable for exterior use,

    (b)   selected for their ability to resist the effects of weathering, and

    (c)   compatible with, and adhere to, the substrate to which they are applied.

(2)  Sealants shall conform to,

    (a)   ASTM C834, “Latex Sealants”,

    (b)   ASTM C920, “Elastomeric Joint Sealants”,

    (c)   ASTM C1184, “Structural Silicone Sealants”, or

    (d)   ASTM C1311, “Solvent Release Sealants”.

(3)  Backer rod shall conform to ASTM C1330, “Cylindrical Sealant Backing for Use with Cold Liquid-Applied Sealants”.

Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code, Information published by for educational purposes only