Working space around electrical equipment (see Appendix B)

1) A minimum working space of 1 m with secure footing shall be provided and maintained about electrical equipment that


a) contains renewable parts, disconnecting means, or operating means; or
b) requires examination, adjustment, operation, or maintenance.

2) The working space referred to in Subrule 1) shall not be required behind equipment where there are no renewable parts such as fuses or switches on the back and where all connections are accessible from locations other than the back.

3) The working space referred to in Subrule 1) shall be in addition to the space required for the operation of drawout-type equipment in either the connected, test, or fully disconnected position and shall be sufficient for the opening of enclosure doors and hinged panels to at least 90°.

4) Working space with secure footing not less than that specified in Table 56 shall be provided and maintained around electrical equipment such as switchboards, control panels, and motor control centres having exposed live parts.

5) The minimum headroom of working spaces around switchboards or motor control centres where bare live parts are exposed at any time shall be 2.2 m.

Source: Rule 2-308, CSA C22.1:21, Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1 (25th Edition), Safety Standard for Electrical Installations. © 2021 Canadian Standards Association. Please visit