Maximum Vertical Rise of Stair Flights and Required Landings

(1)  No “flight” shall have a vertical rise of more than 3.7 m between floors or landings, except that a “flight” serving as an exit in a Group B, Division 2 or 3 occupancy shall have a vertical rise not more than 2.4 m between floors or landings.


(2)  Except as provided by Sentence (3), a landing shall be provided,

    (a)   at the top and bottom of each “flight” of interior and exterior stairs,

(b) at the top and bottom of every section of ramp,

    (c)   where a doorway opens onto a stair or ramp,

    (d)   where a ramp opens onto a stair, and

    (e)   where a stair opens onto a ramp.

    (3)  A landing may be omitted at the bottom of an exterior stair or ramp, provided there is no gate, door or fixed obstruction within the lesser of,

    (a)   the width of the stair or ramp, or

    (b)   1 100 mm.


Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by for educational purposes only.