(1)  Except as provided in Sentences (2) to (7), landings shall be,

    (a)   at least as wide as the width of the stair or ramp in which they occur, and

    (b)   at least as long as the width of the stair or ramp in which they occur.

    (2)  Where the landing in a stair or ramp does not turn or turns less than 90o, the length of the landing shall not be less than the lesser of,

    (a)   the required width of the stair or ramp, or

    (b)   1 100 mm.

    (3)  The length of a landing described in Sentence (2) shall be measured perpendicular to the nosings of adjacent treads or to the end of the ramp, at a distance equal to half the length required by Sentence (2) from the narrow edge of the landing.

    (4)  Where flights or ramps of different widths adjoin a single landing, the minimum width of the landing shall be,

    (a)   not less than the greater required stair or ramp width, where one or more of the stair or ramp widths do not exceed their respective required widths, or

    (b)   not less than the lesser actual stair or ramp width, where all of the widths of the stairs or ramps exceed their respective required widths.

    (5)  Where a door swings toward a stair, the full arc of the swing shall be over the landing.

    (6)  The slope of landings shall not exceed 1 in 50.

    (7)  Where a doorway or stair opens onto the side of a ramp, the landing shall extend for a distance of not less than 300 mm on either side of the doorway or stair, except on a side abutting an end wall.


Article Ontario Regulation 332/12 Building Code,   Information published by oncodes.ca for educational purposes only.