Basement Drainage Planning

Plan for all pipes, conduits and drains that must be installed in the basement floor.

For radon control, install an inverted ‘T’ shaped PVC pipe in a convenient location below the basement floor slab, with the vertical leg extending up through the slab and capped. A fan and exhaust duct can be attached at a later date to depressurize the gravel below the slab if radon gas is detected.

If a sump pump is required, a sump pit must be incorporated into the basement floor. Locate the pit so that it can be sealed from the conditioned space to prevent soil gas and radon from entering the house.

Consider how to finish the basement in the future and install roughed-in drains below the floor slab for a future toilet, shower, bathtub and/or sink. Install roughed-in piping in the wall or ceiling to the nearest vent.

Source : Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)